20 years summed up in one paragragh.



For many years my life could best be described as

an extremely long black tunnel filled with major

health problems causing unrelenting daily physical

pain. I also experienced demanding yet

unrewarding career challenges and difficult

personal relationships. together, these things left me

financially crippled, angry and lacking motivation


I saw no way out of my situation and spiralled

down into a deep depression.




Unsuccessful treatments


I believed if I could improve my ill health from the result of Pulmonary Embolism ( Blood Clots to the heart and lungs )and eliminate or at least reduce also the physical pain I was also experiencing 24 hours a day from past skydiving injuries & Chronic Adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia,that I would find the strength to address the other problems in my life and slowly dig myself out of the dark hole in which I found myself living. I therefore tried many treatments over many years ranging from traditional doctors and physiotherapy and Chinese medicine. I am thrilled to say that ‘fortunately’ these treatments brought me little or no relief - Had these remedies worked I would have stopped searching and may never have discovered Yoga.


I feel so self-aware, so positive and so, so grateful that I discovered Yoga. I am now able to perform the postures and my mind is much more balanced and focused. I know that Yoga will remain a major focus in my life...for the rest of my life.


In closing


Yoga has literally transformed me physically and mentally so I now embrace every new day and the people I meet with open arms, open eyes and an open heart. I feel compelled to teach others the benefits of Yoga so they too can enrich their lives and improve their physical and mental well-being.



Sharons Yoga Journey began in 2007 in Thailand,Asia.   Sharon is a passionate yoga practitioner, a certified teacher in over 750 hours Training in Hatha & Restorative Yoga styles, and has studied with some of the worlds most influential teachers of our time. The grounding of her teaching has been in Chiropractic / Yoga studios with a strong focus on wellness & spinal health & chronic illness with Restorative yoga practises. Her teaching has taken her around the globe to United States, New Zealand, and Australia. A strong focus is on creating awareness around the healing power of yoga & also using yoga to become your own body mechanic & medicine. Her other studies have included Energetic Medicine modalities such as Reiki & Seichem Healing Attunements Level 1 & 11, Alchemical Fenshi, Vedic philosophy (Bhakti Yoga), Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Indian Head massage, Reflexology, Stone Massage, Body Massage, Shiatsu and currently studying dry blood anaylsis testing. 


Namaste & Blessings, Sharon 








Yoga with Sharon

Senior Yoga Teacher 

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