My first experience of yoga was in a class taught by Sharon. To say it made a lasting difference is an understatement. Being so new to yoga I was nervous and unsure about how it would go. Sharon's compassion, empathy and humility as a teacher put my concerns at ease and I was able let myself be present in the class. I now teach yoga myself and know that a teacher can make or break a persons experience of yoga. 


Danae Del a paz - Central Coast NSW 


I first met Sharon when we completed our Bikram Certification together in LA back in 2012. There were 450 trainees attending the course - thats a lot of people to get to know. Sharon was easy to like, she stood out from the beginning as not only a great teacher, but a great friend. Sharon is an all or nothing kind of person, who's honesty is refreshing, and truly needed in today's yoga scene when theres so many egos on the line. She teaches to not only a students physical body, but to their heart, and that is a rare gift. This ability is what sets Sharon apart in the rapidly expanding ocean of yoga teachers, Sharon is a pearl. I employed Sharon at my studio for approx 3 months in late 2012, and during that time she built a very strong following of students. From time to time, we have been lucky enough to have Sharon visit us as a guest teacher and her classes fully book out. I hope that in the future I can work alongside Sharon again


Belinda Dew - Studio Owner Evolve Hot Yoga, Gosford, NSW 



Sharon is a fabulous & nurturing instructor who goes beyond to always help others in they way  she teaches. Thanks Sharonl Im a Aussie bloke who now loves Yoga!


Andrew Wallace, Brisbane, QLD 


I took Sharon's class, nervous, about what i was in for. Challenging & hot, but just what a kinda broken body needs after years of Sport.....i was back next day for more!'


Jack Paton, Glasgow, Scotland UK 


Sharon is a great teacher. Do yourself a favour, get along to one of Sharon's classes. She is someone who's healed her injuries through yoga, Sharon understands the powerful and long-lasting effects that a regular yoga practice can have upon balance, posture, strength, muscle, breath and mind control and translates her own experience into a series of poses that enhances and harnesses the body's inherent healing capacities. Guys especially need yoga to balance the stresses and pressures of modern life. It'll change your world. 


Matt Sulman - Brisbane, Qld. 


Sharon is an awesome & a very knowledgeable Yoga Teacher that I have known for the past 10 months. Sharon corrects our alignment which I find really helps me develop my practice a lot deeper.  I love it when she shares readings in her classes that positively help my cognitive understanding towards yoga.


Marlene Gregory - Gold Coast, QLD 




After taking Sharon’s class my first thoughts were, “Man these people are lucky to have her at the helm”. She maintains a perfect tempo, has lovely voice (naturally) which is firm yet at the same time nurturing. The specific adjustments keeps us on our toes knowing she is aware of each and every student in the room.”


Nancy Henriksen, Los Angeles, California, USA


I met Sharon when she came to New Zealand to teach Bikram Yoga at the studio I was attending. I loved Sharon's classes right from the start, she willingly shared her knowledge of the benefits of each position and bought a whole new level of understanding to my practice. I was going through a tough personal time and the benefits I felt from Sharon's classes helped me deal with the day to day issues I faced. Also, having spend most of my life in the fitness industry, I do suffer knee issues and would encourage anyone to try yoga - it heals the body inside and out, and in Sharon, you will find an amazing teacher and guide.


Lyn Alves, Cambridge, New Zealand. Personal Trainer



I met Sharon; my bikram yoga instructor in 2014, Hamilton, NZ... Sharon is a focussed & motivational role-model & teacher. I found her to be like a bright bubbly breathe of fresh air. Thanks sister Sharon for sharing with me & inspiring me to love my yoga practice... Namaste & Kia ora


Kind regards..


Nikki Reece - NZ 


What I love about Sharon is that she is so compassionate and so determined in her teaching. Being able to work with her has been a pleasure and I know that her awesome personality and knowledge including everything she has gone through herself (please read her story) will help many people who are in need of shoulder to lean on whether it's for balance or someone to just hear you.


Seema Mistry, Senior Yoga Teacher- Vancouver 


From my first class I have enjoyed Sharons enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. 


Jon Edmond, Gold Coast, Qld



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