Yoga has that wonderful ability; it can meet us right where we are. All we have to do is start the journey. Once the decision has been made to begin, then we can develop our practice. Like most things, it is not easy in the beginning. Our bodies may seem tight and inflexible, it might seem challenging or uncomfortable. We are carrying years of stress in these bodies of ours and it isn’t about to fall away easily.

Make a time commitment to your practice. It might start out to be once a week, or twice a week, or three times a week. Determine the time frame that will work for you and then, be consistent. Being consistent in your practice is where real change can occur. Remember it takes time it doesn’t happen overnight to get some big pay offs with yoga like an extended lifespan. Schedule in your yoga first and then schedule in your life around that. Otherwise, it just ain’t ever going to happen.

Once in class, we have to remind ourselves that we are not in a competition. There is no race to be won here. And if there were it would certainly be the tortoise winning it. It is not about how fast we move or how fast we learn.Let go of comparing yourself with other students. You are exactly where you should be for you. Just “Do your best and forget the rest.” Find the joy in your own progress. There will be days when you are sore and that is okay. It is important to keep moving. However, soreness and pain are two very different things. There should never be pain and you should never push through pain. That is where serious injury occurs. By developing a practice you will develop a greater awareness of the body and be able to tell the difference.

Begin. Make a commitment. Be consistent. Find the joy in the moment.

This is your yoga practice.

Love & Light. Sharon


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