Are you intentionally nourishing yourself?

If not, I want to encourage you to take some time today to think about the things in life that bring peace and joy to you, then set aside some time to pursue them on a regular basis throughout the New Year.

When I speak about the soul, I am not referring to your spirit – I am actually referring to your mind, emotions, creative center.

What fills your soul with life?

Which hobbies, activities, or daily rituals bring you joy or a deep sense of satisfaction? What whispers to you and beckons you to make more time for it in your life? Pay attention to those whispers or gentle nudges to come away and refresh yourself.

I have compiled a list of things that helps me nourish my soul. I encourage you to use them as a springboard for nourishing yours for setting New Years Resolutions.

Take time out for solitude, read, write, listen to music, plan adventures for the new year that are experiences like Swim with the dolphins, learn to surf,spend time in nature. Create a peaceful atmosphere at home & personal growth plan.

Knock yourself out & enjoy… Love and Light Sharon


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