This is a unique place to practise yoga in a modern boutique Home Studio in a small garage at Bilambil Heights (Pictures featured under "Beginners Hot Yoga" tab of our studio) offering small class numbers (up to 5) for a more  personalized & intimate approach to Yoga where you will receive personal attention which is what makes us different. 


Our mission at the Hot Yoga Garage is to facilitate the physical, mental and spiritual growth of all our students by teaching authentic Inspired Restorative & Hatha Yoga Series in a welcoming environment where we use gentle Infa Red heating. You will have a passionate teacher who has seen the exhilarating effect that yoga has on everyone who practices it regularly.


Regular classes will help you to bring yourself into optimal mental health. You will notice improvements in insomnia, anxiety, stress and start feeling better and more energized throughout the day, and improve your immune system.  These are only some of the benefits that our students have experienced after a consistent practice. 


We believe in yoga and its ability to greatly improve the quality of people’s lives. Your professional and friendly certified Senior Yoga teacher will encourage and inspire you to do your best.

We have built the studio with great care to create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere for you to practice the Essential Yoga Series. Amenities include toilet, hot hand towels after class, and towel and mat hire, quick step flooring will ensure a healthy environment and a fresh essential oils humidifier.


Our hope is that this will become a place where you can change your life from the inside out – physically, emotionally, and mentally. We will be here to recognize your efforts and encourage you every step of the way.

We offer different styles of classes that suit everyone from beginners to experienced.


We use gentle infa red heating which is the healthiest being the safest and more tolerable uses of heat. Private sessions you can choose unheated or heated. 


All clients are welcome, any skill level or yoga discipline and body shape,especially if you are completely new to yoga you will receive the personalised service & inspiration you need. 


  Address: 2/46 Warringa Drive, Bilambil Heights,  Tweed Shire, NSW 2486 Tel: (0422)  961 217  


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